Project 365: Days 295-301

Project 365: Days 295-301


295/365: Sick day with this excellent mug (a belated birthday gift from my friend and protest buddy, Carli).


296/365: After a quick brunch, I took a wandering walk around the Upper West Side and stopped at Columbus Circle to watch the pigeons playing in this fountain. 


297/365: We spent a beautiful (and warm!) fall day in Sleep Hollow.


298/365: I love this silly keychain from Greenwich Letterpress.


299/365: Having a working stove again means one thing: apple cramble! These hedgehog measuring cups aren't the most practical, but they make me smile. 


300/365: This book is so good I missed my bus stop because I was so into it.


301/365: More Halloween costume prep. 

I don't have plans for this weekend other than to finish my (very complicated) costume. I'm planning on going to the Halloween parade on Tuesday, so it has to be ready by then. I have a history of overly-complicated, unsexy and unwieldy costumes, and this year is no different. After an unseasonably warm October, it seems as if it suddenly became fall yesterday, and I hope this chilly weather is here to stay. It's the most wonderful time of the year—enjoy it!

This is Halloween

This is Halloween

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