Project 365: Days 316-322

Project 365: Days 316-322


316/365: These two air plants are toast, but I just can't bring myself to throw them out. They also don't look that much different than they did when they're alive and now I don't have to worry about watering them once a week.


317/365: Friday was freezing cold, and by Saturday morning all of the ginkgo trees in the city had dropped all of their leaves at once. Most of them didn't even get a chance to turn yellow because it basically went from 80 degrees to 20 degrees in one day (I'm being dramatic, but this fall weather has been wacky).


318/365: My mom and I ate breakfast at the Square Diner in TriBeCa and walked over to Brookfield Place for the annual Canstruction event. It's become our silly little tradition before Thanksgiving, and I look forward to it every year.


319/365: I had my camera with me during the day, so I walked over to the Conservatory Garden at lunch hoping to catch the Korean chrysanthemums before they were gone. They were a little crispy, but still overwhelmingly beautiful. 


320/365: There is some really inventive subway graffiti, but the ballpoint pen additions to this poster for the movie The Snowman made me laugh.


321/365: After the first episode, Mindhunter really picked up and now I'm obsessed with it (as pretty much everyone I've ever met told me I would be). I especially love this insanely large typography on the titles. 


322/365: Just the first thing I see when I wake up the morning (besides Mozart's screaming face).

Once again I find myself without concrete weekend plans, but I may brave IKEA with my mom (which means diner breakfast, of course) and hang out at my Brooklyn country retreat (aka David's apartment). I just made another batch of apple cramble, but my mom and I still have to solidify our Thanksgiving menu and go shopping (alongside every other resident of New York City, probably).

I've been trying to read every chance I get to finish all of my library books before they're due, and I just finished The Butchering Art in less than a week, and it was excellent. Next up is The Apparitionists and I'm expecting it to be great based on nothing but the cover art alone. I'm looking forward to a short work week and as many Thanksgiving-themed festivities as I can cram into a few days, but until then—have a great weekend!

Canstruction 2017

Canstruction 2017