Project 365: Days 302-308

Project 365: Days 302-308


302/365: I walked around the Upper East Side on my lunch break, photographing all of the spooky Halloween decorations.


303/365: We spent a lazy Saturday sleeping in, walking around Green-Wood, picking out our pumpkins and buying David a last-minute costume.


304/365: We carved our pumpkins and I forced David to watch Hocus Pocus (his first time!).


305/365: I put the finishing touches on my costume.


306/365: I debuted my costume at the Halloween parade. In case you're not familiar with Grandmother's Predictions, they're fortune-telling machines, like Zoltar but older (and way better, in my opinion). They were made by the William Gent Vending Company in Cleveland Ohio in the late '20s and early '30s. There is one at Coney Island, and I decided that this was the perfect costume for me about a year ago. Of course, I didn't start actually making it until about a week ago, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. It was much more comfortable than I expected, and help up surprisingly well through two subway rides, one bar and a whole lot of walking. We took tons of photos with people, gave away about a hundred fortunes and the next morning my photo was included in a costume round-up on Gothamist (RIP).


307/365: My friend Shannon always sends me the sweetest Halloween goodies—this year it was a box filled with delicious ghost candies, the cutest wiener dog card and this ghost bag that I will most definitely use all year.


306/365: I couldn't bear to throw out my costume but I live in a teeny-tiny studio so I wasn't sure where I would store it. Luckily, it fits above my fridge and I think my skeleton is an excellent stand-in for me. I had to sacrifice an area of valuable storage, but where there's a will, there's a way.

My friend Jim is in town this weekend for his first New York visit since he moved to LA in April. I've missed him more than words can say, so I'm thrilled to be able to spend some time with him, even if it's a woefully brief visit. He'll be staying with me in my shoebox apartment for two nights (my first guest!), and I'm hoping Mozart miraculously behaves.

I can't believe it's November already—it was chilly for a minute but warm again today—and the leaves in the city are changing at a glacial pace. I don't have grand plans for Thanksgiving, but now that the Halloween costume madness has ended, I might try to come up with a fun themed dessert or other dish to contribute. This is my favorite time of year and I'm trying my best to savor it! Have a great weekend!

Muffler Man: White's Tire

Muffler Man: White's Tire

This is Halloween

This is Halloween