Project 365: Days 309-315

Project 365: Days 309-315


309/365: David and I ate dinner at the Meatball Shop on the UWS and then had drinks at a bar that was full of board games. We played one round of Jenga before realizing that we did it wrong (we weren't stacking the blocks we took out back on top), so we had to play again. I forgot how stressful and surprisingly fun it is to play a game that is so objectively simple.


310/365: My friend Jim was in town and we had dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. Their fried green tomatoes are so good that I checked to see if they deliver to my apartment (they do, but not the tomatoes—whyyy not??).


311/365: We had a perfect adventure day in the Bronx, despite the rain, and explored the Bronx Community College (home to the first Hall of Fame in the country) and had pizza and cannoli on Arthur Avenue, aka "the real Little Italy."


312/365: When I first moved into this apartment, I thought this ledge was wasted space but I obviously haven't had a hard time filling it and now I can't imagine this space without it. Also, nothing on here is a "Halloween" decoration and it will probably look like this all year long.


313/365: Part of my Halloween costume found a new home.


314/365: This diva has been acting slightly better lately but she's still the most dramatic cat I've ever met.


315/365: My library holds are quickly piling up, but I'm most excited about this one. I'd been wanting to read a book about Joseph Lister for a while, and if this book is half as good as its cover then I'm in for a treat.

It's supposed to be cold here this weekend—which I don't mind. I don't have any huge plans, but I'm thinking maybe a movie (Lady Bird?), a diner breakfast and the Canstruction exhibit. I also want to buy a new winter coat and shoes, although I really hate shopping (especially in New York). I'm itching to explore another abandoned building soon, but that would involve driving somewhere—staying snuggled on the couch seems much more appealing to me right now. I just finished Stranger Things 2 (so good! I cried!) and Mindhunter is up next in the queue. I hope you enjoy your weekend, whether it's adventurous or snuggly (or both!). Happy Friday!

Muffler Man: Homer

Muffler Man: Homer

Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land