Project 365: Days 323-336

Project 365: Days 323-336


323/365: We went to our regular Friday night bar in Brooklyn and afterwards got bagels for the weekend at Terrace Bagels (their garlic is my favorite). I love their neon sign so much and I can't resist a fancy anthropomorphic food logo.


324/365: We went out to Long Island to visit a friend of David's and I spotted this circus-themed mosaic in the 34th Street subway station that I'd never seen before. 


325/365: My mom and I went to IKEA, which means diner breakfast downtown at the Pearl Street Diner. 


326/365: I ate an IKEA cinnamon roll for dinner (why are they so good and so cheap??) and assembled my new shelf. 


327/365: This idiot.


328/365: Francesca and I went to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon inflation the night before Thanksgiving. 


329/365: My mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner, with a little help from me and David. We ate too much, watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles and I went to bed early.


330/365: I'm not a crazy Black Friday shopper, but my favorite record store in Bushwick was having a sale, so I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, met David at a diner and afterwards we went record shopping. If you're ever in Bushwick, or in need of records, check out Human Head—they are super nice and have a great selection at reasonable prices. 


331/365: I met my mom for breakfast and I passed this beautiful ombré ivy.


332/365: We didn't do much of anything (it was a wonderful lazy Sunday) but David had some overripe bananas, so we did manage to make banana bread. Well, David technically made it while I just waited to lick the bowl.


333/365: I went after work to check out the holiday window displays at Bergdorf Goodman (stunning, as always) and Tiffany.


334/365: Francesca and I went after work to see Coco, and it was so, so good. Neither of us left the theater with dry eyes, but I'd expect nothing less from Pixar. 


335/365: I have nearly all of my Christmas shopping done already, but I couldn't resist throwing a few gifts my own way and finally bought this pillow that I've been wanting forever.


336/365: My creepy collections stay up year round, but I draped them in a little Christmas cheer.

It's officially December, which means that there are 25 more days until Christmas and only 31 more days left in this crazy, topsy-turvy year. Next Friday I leave for a 6-day trip to California, and my friend Jim and I are going to take a little road trip while I'm there. We have tons of fun things planned, and I'm trying to figure out how to slow down time because I already know it will all go by too fast.

I would like to see more of the holiday window displays this weekend, and I'm hoping to catch the MTA "nostalgia" trains at least once this month (they run every Sunday in December). Obviously fall and Halloween are my very favorites, but winter and Christmas are a close second so I'm going to try to enjoy the holiday magic here in the city as much as I can. Have a great weekend!

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Shell Station

Shell Station