Project 365: Days 337-343

Project 365: Days 337-343

337/365: I forgot to take a photo this day, and I'm pretty sure I've been counting the days wrong this whole time, but we'll find out soon enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


338/365: David and I walked through Sunset Park to the Renegade Craft Fair / Brooklyn Flea at Industry City.


339/365: My mom and I got diner breakfast, looked at the holiday windows and rode the MTA nostalgia train. We also met the cutest festive Frenchie named Bosco and caught this wolf enjoying the nostalgia train.


340/365: I met my friend Lindsey for dinner at Jacob's Pickles (so good) and we had dessert at Milk bar (extra crunchies FTW).


341/365: A million dollars of money I don't have to anyone who can stop Mozart from wailing at me all night long, every single night. I refuse to get another cat, but that's the only solution anyone seems to have for me—there has to be something else!


342/365: I blew through this Manson book and it was fascinating. I grabbed this Ernest Angley pamphlet to use as a bookmark and I felt extra cult-ish carrying this—along with a Tony Alamo newsletter—around. 


343/365: I got a new record rack, so I rearranged some things and magically found a place for the antique prosthetic leg that David got me for my birthday. I love it so much but I was having a hard time properly displaying it until now. I plopped a fake IKEA plant in the top because I can't keep anything alive in my cave-like apartment.

I'm headed out to California tonight for a week to visit with my friend Jim. We're going to sleep in a Wigwam (my second!), hang out poolside at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (in the shade, slathered in SPF 100), visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs, explore the Salton Sea and hopefully eat at a different vintage diner every day. This will only be my second time in California, but hopefully I'll get out there more regularly now that I have a few friends to stay with—so many roadside attractions to see and so little time! Believe it or not, I still have a few posts left from my October road trip, so I'm sure you'll be hearing about my California one well into 2018. I have some fun posts scheduled for next week, so I hope you enjoy those and have a great weekend!

World's Largest

World's Largest

Ferncliff Cemetery

Ferncliff Cemetery