Project 365: Days 90-103

Project 365: Days 90-103

90/365: New library books—I've started them both and so far, so good.

91/365: We finally saw Get Out (loved it) and I walked through Carroll Gardens to meet my friend Jim for dinner.

92/365: I explored Washington Cemetery and Avenue U in Brooklyn.

93/365: Still life with cat.

94/365: Foggy Flatbush.

95/365: I had a doctor's appointment in Midtown and took a half day off work.

96/365: I finally made it to the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Brooklyn, where we saw Beauty and the Beast (loved it)—I want this Overlook Hotel carpet in my apartment.

97/365: Spooky morning light.

98/365: Jim cleaned out his storage unit and we finally got to play 13 Dead End Drive—it was just as fun and as complicated as we remembered.

99/365: Jim and I saw a live taping of the Bowery Boys podcast at the Bell House and finished the afternoon with pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

100/365: I had dinner with my mom, so I walked to my old Harlem apartment through the park.

101/365: I celebrated having the day off for Passover by taking the train(s) to Philadelphia, where I finally explored the abandoned Mount Moriah Cemetery and ate a cheesesteak with whiz.

102/365: My dude and I drove up to Beacon, NY where we ate at a cute diner, explored an abandoned cemetery (with exposed human remains!), met a Muffler Man, took a hike and explored an abandoned factory. We tried to creep on this abandoned church/school, but the floor was caving in :(

103/365: Leftover pizza for dinner and the world's nosiest cat.

Washington Cemetery

Washington Cemetery

The World's Largest Miniature Circus

The World's Largest Miniature Circus