Project 365: Days 118-131

Project 365: Days 118-131

118/365: Two of my very favorite people decided to leave New York for Los Angeles, and we hung out at their Bushwick apartment for a goodbye (for now) party.

119/365: My mom and I squealed with joy over all of the adorable dogs at the Dachshund Spring Fiesta in Washington Square Park, and cooled off with burgers and milkshakes at the Washington Square Diner afterwards.

120/365: Jim and I had one last breakfast at our favorite Brooklyn diner, Tom's, before he got on the road to CA (and I promptly burst into tears on the street).

121/365: I read Kaylah's blog religiously every day, and I always want to buy everything she includes in her Friday Favorites posts. Recently I snapped up this mini medical man model before I had even finished reading the post and he fits in my curiosity cabinet so nicely!

122/365: I had a doctor's appointment on the east side after work and I decided to walk 60+ blocks down 2nd Avenue because it was such a beautiful night.

123/365: I tried to photograph some light trails on Flatbush Avenue but ended up being more into these unfocused color blobs.

124/365: I helped welcome Trump to New York during his first visit to the city since he became President (ugh).

125/365: After I had taken this sriracha (cha!) photo, I left my skeleton sitting at the kitchen table. The next day he was moved by my roommate, and it took me a minute to find him hiding here behind the curtain but it made me laugh.

126/365: I generally look terrible in hats, but we are going to Peru/Colombia at the end of May (to hike the Inca Trail!) and I decided I needed a sun hat.

127/365: Baking cookies for dinner is always a good idea.

128/365: Hello, moon!

129/365: Day-after birthday portrait of my sweet and terrible 8-year-old child.

130/365: I'm sure I've posted a photo of this mug (thrifted a long time ago in Ohio) before but it's still one of my favorites.

131/365: New victims!

Muffler Man: BP

Muffler Man: BP

Abandoned Trailer Park

Abandoned Trailer Park