Project 365: Days 160-175

Project 365: Days 160-175

160/365: I was feeling major travel fatigue, but watching this beautiful sunset while we sipped mojitos at Café del Mar in Cartagena was a high point.

161/365: Don't let this photo fool you into thinking that going to a beach in Cartagena is worth it. It's not. The water was beautiful but the beach is a nightmare—people try to sell you something every five seconds and we were nearly asphyxiated by jet ski fumes.

162/365: I washed everything from my suitcase and found this bone in the dryer. I always pick them up if they're not gross and I had already forgotten that I had put this one in my pocket from the beach in Cartagena. It's probably a boring chicken bone but at least it's a Colombian chicken bone.

163/365: Someone was very starved for attention after being virtually alone for two weeks.

164/365: I'm horrible at taking photos of myself, but I really liked this outfit combo / colors.

165/365: It was so hot and humid that I'm concerned everything in my apartment is going to melt (especially this wonderful new beeswax candle from Darkness Void).

166/365: Francesca and I tried unsuccessfully to go to the 8 'Till Late felt bodega installation. It was closed for a private party but even just the window display was awesome. 

167/365: I tried again to go to the 8 'Till Late bodega, but was deterred by the long line. It was such a beautiful night that I walked for a while down the West Side Highway before catching the Q at Canal Street. 

168/365: Success! I woke up early to get to the Standard Hotel right when 8 'Till Late opened. There was hardly anyone there and it was definitely worth all of the false starts.

169/365: My mom and I waited out the rain and were rewarded with a perfect Mermaid Parade on the Coney Island boardwalk.

170/365: I figured out the perfect spot to hang my smuggled Peruvian bat.

171/365: We had some pretty intense rain storms but were rewarded by an equally intense sunset.

172/365: I've been plowing through A Gentleman in Moscow—it's one of the best novels I've read in a long time and I've been stopped in my tracks several time by passages that are just devastatingly good (like the one above).

173/365: Mozart has been driving me crazy with her near-constant screaming, which isn't new but is consistently frustrating. I've tried so many things but I think she's just bored.

174/365: A friend wasn't able to go to this premiere of The Big Sick at BAM so I bought her ticket. The movie was great and there was a Q&A afterward with nearly the entire cast.

175/365: I thought this air plant was dying (because I'm still clueless about plants) but realized recently that it's actually blooming!

Cementerio de Santa Cruz

Cementerio de Santa Cruz

8 'Till Late

8 'Till Late