Project 365: Days 211-224

Project 365: Days 211-224


211/365: We waited in a huge line to see Andrew Bird at Celebrate Brooklyn, but it was worth it (and the kimchi dog was delicious).


212/365: Mozart has snuggled with this skeleton ever since I bought him for my Halloween party and I will never get sick of it.


213/365: I took a wandering walk through Brooklyn, stopping to finally photograph the Mosaic House.


214/365: There are a lot of things I don't miss about my Brooklyn apartment, but the sunsets aren't one of them.


215/365: Packing the essentials.


216/365: Packing, packing and more packing.


217/365: Last morning in our Brooklyn apartment (and last morning being both afraid and fascinated by Flatbush Avenue).

218/365: My first night in my new apartment and I forgot to take a photo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


219/365: I devoured Into the Water in a few days (and Mozart's face here makes me laugh).


220/365: IKEA day with my mom, but first diner breakfast at one of my favorites, the Pearl Diner.


221/365: At first I was annoyed at this ledge in my apartment (an old mirror in what used to be the parlor of the brownstone) but I quickly realized that I wouldn't have a problem filling it with art.


222/365: I met my friend (and new upper, upper west side neighbor) Lindsey for dinner on the UWS.


223/365: This corner of my apartment already looks a bit different, but unpacking is the fun part of moving.


224/365: Francesca and I saw Hamlet, and got moved from our back row seats into the front row (seated on the stage) because two subscribers never showed.

I'm majorly behind on posting my Project 365 photos, but I've been trying to keep with with taking them amidst the moving madness. Two weeks later, I'm finally unpacked and I've hung all of my art—I really love my new apartment and living alone is so much better than I even anticipated. My TV just came yesterday (after an arduous journey around the country—thanks for nothing UPS!) and at night I just sit (on my couch!) and look around my apartment and think about how wonderful it all is. I'm meeting a friend for brunch tomorrow, hopefully taking advantage of Summer Streets and I'm looking forward to having more free time to explore. Have a great weekend!

Summer Streets

Summer Streets

Old Burying Ground

Old Burying Ground