Project 365: Days 225-238

Project 365: Days 225-238


225/365: I spotted a campaign that I worked on in the 86th Street subway station.


226/365: We went to Southold for the day and hit the winged skull jackpot at the oldest colonial-era cemetery in New York state.


227/365: I hung up all of my art and I am never happier than when I'm surrounded by things that I love to look at.


228/365: My lazy roommate.


229/365: I started reading Gulp—it's only my second Mary Roach book, although I read Stiff twice and I have Spook in the queue.


230/365: I had been smelling gas in my (tiny) apartment ever since I moved in, and my super checked my stove and found nothing wrong. I was still smelling it though, so I called ConEd and the FDNY immediately showed up at my door (in full uniform!) and dramatically unplugged my stove. Ten minutes later, a ConEd employee showed up, tested the area and found that my flex hose was leaking. It was minor and I've been without a working stove for a week—but I'm glad Mozart, my sensitive nose and I didn't blow up.


231/365: I had a TIME trying to get this TV delivered (UPS is the literal worst), but it was worth the wait. This is the first time I've had my own TV since my 13" in college and it's already turning me into a hermit.


232/365: Francesca came over to see my apartment and we watched Moana (I love the pig!) and ordered pizza.


233/365: I walked down Park Avenue for Summer Streets, met friends for brunch and just wandered around the city for a while. I love making plans but sometimes an aimless wandering day is fun too.


234/365: My mom and I decided to make the Broadway Restaurant our regular diner and spent the day thrifting.


235/365: I wasn't even going to try to photograph the (partial) eclipse but we went up on the roof at work and we all passed around viewing glasses.

236/365: I missed this day—I've missed more photos this year than I'd have liked, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


237/365: Sabrina and I went to BAM (I had never noticed these amazing cherubs before) to see Ricki and the Flash as part of a Jonathan Demme retrospective. Watching Meryl for any length of time is like going to church for me—it feeds me spiritually.


238/365: Mozart is obsessed with this $14 toy—it's so fun to watch her be constantly fascinated by it, and I can't recommend it enough.

I'm off to Ohio tonight for a wedding—and David is coming with me. He grew up in Buffalo but has never been to Ohio, so I'm excited to show him the sites (aka Swenson's). I never fully appreciated Ohio in the 27 years that I lived there, but every time I go back I have a lovely time seeing friends and family and exploring places I once took for granted. It will be a little quiet here on the blog next week, although I have a few posts scheduled (and my birthday is on Thursday!). I love fall so much that I'm never sad to say goodbye to summer, but I hope to squeeze in a few more summer adventures—camping and maybe a beach day—before I start petting fall to death. Have a great weekend!

Madame Talbot

Madame Talbot