Project 365: Day 245-252

Project 365: Day 245-252


245/365: We had drinks at Otto's Shrunken Head for my birthday and it's my new favorite bar—it was super chill, they have a photobooth (it was broken, so I'll have to go back) and they have the coolest tiki mugs (I got a skull and a shark).


246/365: Once again, Francesca outdid herself in the birthday gift department with this visible man model.


247/365: I got diner breakfast with my mom and spent the afternoon wandering around the Upper West Side.


248/365: David and I spent a rainy Sunday eating popcorn, napping and watching You've Got Mail (his first time!). Please accept this screengrab in lieu of a photo.


249/365: We spent Labor Day lounging on the beach at Fort Tilden, which I love because of all of the abandoned military structures covered in art. 


250/365: I hung up the antlers that I got at an antique mall in East Liverpool, Ohio and I think they fit right in.


251/365: I tore through this book in two days—it's so, so good. Do yourself a favor and reserve a library copy or buy one right now.


252/365: I went to Queens after work to catch the Unisphere fountains at night. I knew they'd be on for the US Open and I had the best time taking photos. I accidentally figured out how to take ghost photos and I became obsessed with getting the right shot. My lens got wet when the wind shifted, but I love this last photo.

My mom and I are going to see the Acro Cats on Sunday, David and I are going to check out the art installations on Governors Island on Saturday and I hope to fit in at least one diner breakfast in between. The weather has been perfect lately—light jacket chilly—and I'm about to lose my mind over how wonderful this city is in the fall. I hope you have a great weekend!

Steel Trolley Diner

Steel Trolley Diner

Ice Cream Trucks

Ice Cream Trucks