Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Illustration by  Lindsey Frances   //  2018 Women's March photos  here

Illustration by Lindsey Frances  //  2018 Women's March photos here

Things that happened recently:

David alerted me to this recent New Yorker article about one of our favorite places in Brooklyn, Dead Horse Bay. If you want to know more about Barren Island (like I did) here is another good article about it and I'm excited to read this book that I recently ordered about the history of New York City's garbage. 

The Schitt's Creek season 4 premiere was this week—I'm obsessed with this show and it's killing me to have to wait for it to come to Netflix (you can watch seasons 1-3 now). The cast came to 92Y this week and you can watch the talk here and a short trailer for season 4 here ("It's probably nothing, but I think I've killed a man").

This week the US had its 11th school shooting—of 2018. The New York Times didn't mince words with this headline and I think this tweet perfectly explains how absurd things feel right now.

Things to do in New York this weekend:

The Central Park Winter Jam is this Saturday, featuring skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, ice sculpting and something called "arctic golf." Because we now live in a wacky weather world, the event has a rain date (February 3rd) and one year it was cancelled altogether because it had snowed too much

It's New York Restaurant Week, which somewhat confusingly lasts more than two weeks from January 22-February 9th. I don't have plans (yet) but in the past I've gone to the Russian Tea Room, Delmonico's and Red Rooster. During Restaurant Week a three-course prix-fixe lunch is only $29 and dinner is $42.

The warmer weather this weekend would be perfect for ice skating—the LeFrak Center in Prospect Park is usually less crowded than other city rinks and it's only $9 for adults.

Things I've discovered recently:

After reading this article about the fascinating trend of arsenic wallpapers, I spent way too long browsing this book of samples, digitized because even with careful handling the book is dangerous to your health.

I became enamored with The Everywhereist after reading her viral cinnamon roll post and I immediately reserved her book at the library. I started reading it this week and it's so good. I love medical non-fiction and really dense novels, but every once in a while a smart, snappy memoir is the perfect brain snack. 

After browsing photos of myself on Facebook (this is a normal thing to do, right?) I realized that most of my clothes were 10+ years old and I decided that I deserved something new and pretty. I then impulse-bought this sweater exclusively because of the color, and it's so soft and warm and I hope I have it for at least the next ten years.

Ok, so this is actually the weekend when David and I are going to Florida. His parents have a house in Bradenton, so we'll be flying into Sarasota on Saturday and staying with them until Tuesday. I have a few fun things on my list to see, including the mermaids at Weeki Wachee, a dinosaur-shaped auto center and the sponge capital of the world. We're also going to revisit Tootsie, who has recently undergone a dramatic makeover and probably hang out a beach at some point (because David loves the beach and I love him). The weather is supposed to warm up again in New York, but I'm still looking forward to temps in the 70s and exploring the weird whimsy that is unique to Florida. Have a great weekend, wherever it takes you!

Letchworth Village 2018

Letchworth Village 2018