Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

My five seconds of  Internet fame  | Thumbnail illustration by  Lindsey Frances

My five seconds of Internet fame | Thumbnail illustration by Lindsey Frances

Things that happened recently:

Trump critics are getting sent bombs, Chinese and Russian spies are listening to our idiot President’s conversations, superfoods are a lie and even escalators are going rogue—but at least the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel finally has a release date (look for my apartment in the background of the last episode)!

RIP Sneaker Rat.

A man’s body was behind the wheel of a parked car for a week before it was discovered that he had been dead the entire time.

Things to do in New York this week:

Sunday you have not one, but two dog costume events to choose from: the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, held at the East River Park Amphitheater located along side the FDR at Grand Street in East River Park from noon - 3pm, and the 20th Annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest, beginning at 11:30 am in the Fort Greene Park monument plaza.

Wednesday is Halloween and you can catch me recycling my costume from last year (hey it got me on Gothamist, can you blame me?) at the 45th Annual Village Halloween Parade.

If the parade is not your thing, maybe you’d like to help impale the most pumpkin heads ever on a Cobble Hill fence (from 3-7pm on Halloween)?

Things that I’ve discovered recently:

I’m obsessed with this National Parks-inspired custom wallpaper. See it in action here.

Halloween is obviously my favorite holiday, but it’s never too soon to prepare for what’s next.

I just finished Martin Short’s incredibly funny (and heartfelt) memoir, and I spent my lunch break crying with hysterical laughter while watching this Jiminy Glick compilation. Why is Primetime Glick only available on DVD—and why is it so expensive??

We have plans (and non-refundable tickets) to visit Sleepy Hollow on Saturday, and I’m hoping that the weather isn’t as frightful as they’re predicting. Thankfully, two out of the three ticketed events are indoors, and I’ve been dreaming about a Horsefeathers burger since our trip last year. I’m glad I’m not just imagining that these early wintery days feel more brutal than actual winter days with similar temperatures (because science!), but I’m still glad that I’m not sweating every single second of the day. October through March is my favorite time to be in the city. I didn’t go overboard with Halloween preparations this year (me? go overboard? never!) but I still have to make sure my costume is street-ready before Wednesday. I hope you have a great spooky weekend and if you’re in the northeast try to stay dry!

Travel Guide: Sleepy Hollow

Travel Guide: Sleepy Hollow

Woodlawn Mausoleums

Woodlawn Mausoleums