Gift Guide: I ♥ New York

Gift Guide: I ♥ New York


It’s no secret that I love New York. I first visited the city when I was 14, and I sent my sister a postcard proclaiming that I was going “move here as soon as possible!” ASAP turned out to be 13 years later, but with more than five years under my belt as a New Yorker, I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Sure the city is crowded and smelly and loud. But it’s also exciting and diverse and sometimes downright magical. So grab a street pretzel and a dirty water dog and browse this gift guide for the New Yorker (physically or mentally) in your life.


1 / I spend far too much on paper goods from Rifle Paper Co. every year, but I just can’t resist their cards, calendars and prints.

2 / Hang Zoltar on your tree and then go visit him at Coney Island— he’s located right next to Grandmother’s Predictions, underneath the Wonder Wheel.

3 / Hang this subway car ornament on your tree twenty minutes after the rest of your ornaments for a true MTA experience.

4 / Toast to the New Year with this Brooklyn Brewery glass, featuring the classic Milton Glaser logo (and take a free tour of their Williamsburg factory).

5 / The Strand is famous for their totes (and mouth-watering dollar book section) but these little zippered pouches are just as cute and versatile.

6 / I have pretty much every single item ever made featuring the classic “We Are Happy To Serve You” Greek coffee cup, but this plush cup is the most ridiculous (and cute).

7 / My love of Mister Softee runs deep enough to want this pillow for my couch.

8 / Proclaim your allegiance for a certain subway line with these glass ball ornaments (the D is my favorite train, but the A/C ornaments would also be appropriate for me).

1 / I love these city storefront watercolor prints from Lindsey. There are four different ones available in my shop, but the Cafe Reggio one is my favorite. She’s also available for commissions if there’s a specific scene/store/city you’d like her to paint.

2 / There’s a vintage key tag for every neighborhood, show and interest you can think of, but You’ve Got Mail is the perfect movie and “thank your” will always me laugh.

3 / Before I ever moved to New York, I took a subway token to a jeweler to have a custom necklace made, but now you can buy them directly from the Transit Museum.

4 / Broadway: A History of New York City in Thirteen Miles will make you want to walk the entire length of Broadway (and also, wish you could go back in time).

5 / Keep some of New York City’s famous “champagne of tap waters” with you at all times with this portable water bottle.

6 / Read all about Roosevelt Island’s sordid history, and then go see what it’s like today.

7 / Massimo Vignelli’s 1972 subway map was more beautiful than it was functional, so maybe it’s more useful as a pair of socks than as an actual directional aide.

8 / I’ve yet to see The Nutcracker ballet, preformed every year at Lincoln Center, but I do have one of these ornaments.

9 / Dr. Couney exhibited infants in incubators at Coney Island and in the process saved thousands of lives. This is the fascinating account of a true story that is truly stranger than fiction.

1 / I told you I can’t resist coffee cup-themed items, and this print is still one of my favorites. Get free domestic shipping with the code HOLIDAYFREESHIP or save 20% off of your entire order with the code TREATYOSELF20 at checkout.

2 / I know Sex & the City put Magnolia Bakery on the map—and the resulting hordes of tourists made visiting its West Village location insufferable—but I still think they have the best cupcakes in the city. It’s a bit pricey to ship their treats directly, but I would pay anything for a tub of their divine banana pudding.

3 / This Sputnik Chandelier Ornament is modeled after the Met Opera’s famous chandeliers, but even if you’re not an opera fan it still looks festive.

4 / Display this sanitary grade magnet in your kitchen to put your dinner guests at ease.

5 / Mother Pigeon is my favorite New York City installation artist, and you can “adopt” one of her cute creations.

6 / I’m not sure why, but I’m fascinated by New York City’s trash and I’ve always loved the sanitation department’s medical-inspired logo.

7 / It’s hard to choose any one thing from Fishs Eddy when I literally want everything they sell, but this dish towel from their Boardwalk Collection would look great in any kitchen.

1 / I’m obsessed with the designs on New York City manhole covers and I wish I had space in my apartment for this mat (although, I do always manage to be able to find the space, should anyone be interested in buying this for me 😉).

2 / Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America's Most Storied Hospital is one of the best books I’ve ever read and it’s a must-read if you’re at all interested in medical or city history.

3 / Greenwich Letterpress has the best selection of cards, and “Season’s Eatings” highlights all of the great foods that you can find in New York.

4 / The Collage City Collection is another great pattern from Fishs Eddy (I told you I couldn’t pick just one).

5 / When I first visited New York, I was obsessed with the iconic “brown bags” from Bloomingdale’s so I love this ornament version.

6 / Show your love for the classic Brooklyn accent with this tray from Fishs Eddy’s Brooklynese Collection.

7 / These mini pillows would be great gift for a baby or an adult with a bookshelf (I have several—thanks Katherine!).

8 / Try as I might, I just don’t like eating black-and-white cookies, but I still appreciate their position as a classic New York treat and wouldn’t hesitate to wear this pin.

New York might have a reputation for being pricey, but some of the best things in the city are absolutely free. The Met Museum is still free (or rather, “suggested donation”) to New York residents, The America Museum of Natural History is always pay-what-you-wish (in-person, at the ticket counter) and of course all books are always free at the library (I want, but don’t need, this black card).

Just walking around is the best way to experience New York, or for just $2.75 you could ride the subway all the way from the northern tip of Manhattan to the Rockaways in Queens. I’ve met so many wonderful people in this city, but I’ve lost just as many—to LA (ugh), Portland and even Florida—so all this New Yorker really wants for Christmas is more New York friends willing to explore far-flung corners of the city with her.

My favorite New York places: City Island / Roosevelt Island / Manhattan Cemeteries / Conservatory Garden / Snug Harbor / Flushing Meadows / Coney Island / Dead Horse Bay

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