Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

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Things that happened recently:

Trump has appointed John Bolton as National Security Advisor, despite the fact that "when Mr. Trump first assembled his cabinet, he rejected Mr. Bolton for secretary of state because of his eccentric brush mustache"—an actual statement in the New York Times that sounds like it's from an Onion article, like most White House news these days. Appearances aside, Bolton is a scary choice and I wish Trump had just picked this Mark Twain wax figure from the Niagra Wax Museum of History instead.

I'm still jazzed about the powerful the March For Our Lives (here are my photos from the NYC march) and I'm continually inspired by the grace and power of the Parkland teens. Here is a good article about the gun debate and the underlying culture war it represents.

I don't go to concerts too frequently because I'm a thousand years old and I don't like standing or crowds, but I've been obsessed with Dodie lately (this album is SO good) and she just announced her North American tour dates—tickets go on sale for her Brooklyn concert today.

Things to do in New York this weekend:

Saturday is the opening of Morbid Anatomy's pop-up exhibition at Green-wood Cemetery, “The Power of Images: Life, Death, and Rebirth.” Green-wood's Fort Hamilton Gatehouse will house the exhibition and library until Sunday, June 24th.

Saturday is also the opening of Emilio Villalba's exhibition No One at the Booth Gallery. I love Villalba's eye paintings, and although I'm sure I can't afford an original I'd still love to see them in person.

Sunday is Easter—and April Fools' Day, my least favorite "holiday"—and I'm so glad I'll be in town for the Easter Parade, one of my favorite New York events. I missed it last year because I was in Ohio, eating at the bizarre (and now-closed) Cathedral Buffet, but you can see photos of past bonnets here and here and festive dogs here and here.

Things that I've discovered recently:

I've been absolutely obsessed with the 6-part documentary, Wild Wild Country on Netflix (two words: blended beavers). Have you seen it? I just finished it and I can't stop thinking (or reading) about it. If you're as fascinated by cults as I am, I have literally recommended this book to everyone I've ever met—if you have any recommendations for more to read or watch about cults, send them my way!

Am I the only woman on the planet that didn't realize what was going on in this sticker?

I've raved about Schitt's Creek before (and will likely do it again, and again) but every aspect of the show is so smart—here's a good write-up celebrating the fashion featured, including my favorite character(s), Moira's wigs.

I have had a Week—nothing major, but a ton of tiny annoyances that have added up to me feeling as if I've been walking around with a cartoon black cloud over my head lately. BUT, my mom and I are taking a day trip to Philadelphia tomorrow (her first time!) to check out the Mütter Museum (my third visit!), hunt for medical models at Professor Ouch's Odditorium and eat cheesesteaks smothered in whiz. I love Philly and the weather is supposed to be delightful, so things are looking up. I'm also excited for the Easter Parade on Sunday, and I'm planning on having these and these for Easter dinner. I hope the weather is warming up for you and that you have a great Easter weekend, however you celebrate. 

Easter Parade 2018

Easter Parade 2018

Georgia Diner

Georgia Diner