Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Illustration by  Lindsey

Illustration by Lindsey

Things that happened recently:

If it feels as if the subway trains are running at a glacial pace, it's because they are.

Our toddler-in-chief has backed out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and here's why that's such a bad idea (fun fact: my mom and Francesca attended the taping of this episode).

Melania Trump clearly didn't take her own (awkwardly worded) advice when she "designed" this logo. 

Things to do in New York this weekend:

Saturday is an illuminated mausoleums tour at Woodlawn. I haven't been to Woodlawn (in the Bronx) nearly as much as I have been to Green-Wood, but it's just as beautiful

Sunday is Mother's Day, and I (with no selfish intentions whatsoever) bought my mom and I tickets to see the ultimate mother-daughter movie, Postcards From the Edge, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn (there are still tickets available!). I've never read the book, but I'm sure it's excellent.

Speaking of Mother's Day, it's not just for moms of human babies.

Things that I've discovered recently:

This Instagram account of food with faces is tailor-made for me. Through their feed I discovered Nouar and her incredible paintings, some of which are available as prints in her Etsy shop.

I don't read much while I'm on vacation, but I managed to finish this book on the plane ride home (bringing my total to 25 for the year, so far!). Despite vowing to only read books I own my library hold list has gotten out of hand and four books just became available at once—I want to read them all obviously, but I can't wait to finally start this one.

A co-worker recommended this place to me for when we were in Memphis, and I was suspicious at first about the shaved ice/soft serve combo, but it was SO good. Does this exist anywhere else? Someone needs to open one in New York asap—this is an Instagramable dessert trend that I could totally get behind.

My friend Katie is visiting from Portland this weekend and staying with me and Mozart in my tiny closet apartment. We're going to brunch on Saturday and then to the mausoleum tour of Woodlawn at night. Sunday I'm spending with my mom, including breakfast at our favorite diner (7th Avenue Donuts and Diner), the movie and then maybe a whirl around the new Target near the Alamo (these are just a few of my mom's favorite things). It's only been a few days since I returned from our little road trip down south, and I'm already dreaming about the next one (Arizona and New Mexico in June!). Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there—of both human and animal babies.

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