Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Illustration by  Lindsey Frances

Illustration by Lindsey Frances

Things that happened recently:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is rumored to be leaving her White House Press Secretary role soon—but which one of these highly qualified candidates will replace her? 

I can't get enough of this "daredevil raccoon" that climbed a Minnesota skyscraper. She eventually made it to the top unharmed and was trapped and released on private property in the suburbs.

Aparna Nancherla is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter (her bio photo never fails to make me laugh), and the Washington Post did a great profile of her recently.

Things to do in New York this week:

Tonight from 8-9:30 PM the New York Philharmonic is performing a free concert in Prospect Park.

Saturday is one of my very favorite New York events, the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Last year it was rainy, but this year it looks like the weather will be perfect. Here are my photos from 2017 2016 and 2014.

Saturday is also the 13th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor's Island. I've never been to the actual event (it's a little pricey) but I've watched it from outside of the fences and it always looks like a good time and I love the '20s costumes.

Things that I've discovered recently:

This woman lives in my dream apartment and you can rent it for events!

I've reached the halfway mark of my Goodreads challenge for the year, and I'm comfortably a few books ahead. I'm currently reading this book (thanks for the rec, Lindsey!) and it's so good that I'm trying to savor it and not miss anything.

Before I went on vacation, I realized that I was out of Instax film too late to buy it on Amazon. I ran to Urban Outfitters at lunch, only to discover that their film is more than twice the price of Amazon, so learn from my mistakes and plan ahead or stock up now!

My mom and I are planning on grabbing breakfast (probably at Tom's on the boardwalk) and watching the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, which has become on of my very favorite New York traditions. We'll probably also swing by the art walls while we're there to check out what's new (here are the walls from 2015 and 2016). Sunday is Father's Day, so don't forget to send a card or tell your Dad he's super cool—although I have to argue that my dad is, in fact, the actual coolest. I'm already sliding into my usual post-vacation depression, although it's nice to get back to my routines for a few days before I start dreaming of and planning for the next road trip. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of photos I took and the amount of delights we packed into five days, so look for those posts to start trickling in soon. Have a great weekend!

Muffler Man: Don Parks

Muffler Man: Don Parks

Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery