Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday Meryl Streep! // Photo from the incomparable  Simply Streep archive

Happy Birthday Meryl Streep! // Photo from the incomparable Simply Streep archive

Things that have happened recently:

It's really exhausting to live in 2018, where every week yet another atrocity worse than the last rolls out of the Trump administration's evil playbook. This week we found out who amongst us could actually justify keeping babies in cages, I found myself once again in the bizarro world where I agreed with a member of the Bush family, and the comparisons of the US to Nazi Germany are no longer hyperbole. Here are a bunch of ways that you can help.

A bright spot amidst the darkness.

The New York Times sent their travel writer to Buffalo and she was as impressed as I was when I visited a few years ago.

Things to do in New York this week:

Today is Meryl Streep's 69th birthday. Here's something I wrote a few years ago about what it means to be a fan, and I once reviewed all of her movies—the list is missing more recent movies, but here are parts one, two, three, four, five, sixseven, and eight if you're bored.

Saturday is also the Prospect Park Soiree and David and I have tickets. It's held rain or shine, so pray the rain currently in the forecast holds off!

The Pride Parade kicks of at noon on Sunday, and it has a new route this year—here's a map.

Things that I've discovered lately:

The New York Times profiled the Grandmas of Instagram, and of course they mentioned my favorite Instagrandma, Baddie Winkle.

John Derian's 18th-century sea captain's house in Provincetown is literally my dream house.

I finished this book this week and started this one (I didn't realize how similar the two titles were until I took a photo of the two for an upcoming Recent Reads post). The latter is so good that it made me buy last-minute tickets to see both parts of the Angels in America revival before it closes in July. TodayTix has some reasonably-priced tickets, and the fees aren't as astronomically high as Ticketmaster.

I have today completely off—thank you Summer Fridays!—and I haven't decided if I should take the train somewhere or just have a city adventure today. I feel so much pressure not to waste such a gift, but watching a million episodes of Breaking Bad also seems appealing. Tomorrow David and I are going to the Prospect Park Soiree—rain or shine 🤞—and I'm wondering if I want to brave the crowds for the Pride Parade (The Mermaid Parade was probably better). I'm sure there will be a diner breakfast at some point, and I really want to see the Mr. Rogers documentary and of course Jurassic World (David and I watched The Lost World a few weeks ago, and it's terrible but I love it, and Jeff Goldblum). Have a great weekend!

Muffler Man: Flagstaff Bunyan

Muffler Man: Flagstaff Bunyan

Sailors' Snug Harbor Cemetery

Sailors' Snug Harbor Cemetery