Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Illustration by  Lindsey Frances  |  Buy a print here

Because I’m currently in Egypt for two weeks, I have been (hopefully and blissfully) disconnected to current events, so I’m doing a different type of “Happy Friday” post this week with some fun things that I own or want to own.

I’ve had these three prints for a few years, and they’ve held prominent spots on the walls of my last two apartments. They were unavailable for a while, but Brave the Woods brought them back this fall. You can buy them individually, but they really shine when displayed as a set. I love all of their artwork, but I’m also partial to this Bunyan and Blue print for obvious reasons.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.23.26 PM.png

I wanted a pair of light and comfortable pants that I could wear in Egypt, and you can’t beat this wide-legged drape pair from Uniqlo for just $14.90. I actually thought I was ordering the green pair, but ordered black instead and liked them so much I just decided to keep them (but I might also have to buy the green?).

dfm-2z-current copy.png

I have tried many different daily sunscreens, but this is by far my favorite. It’s cheap, smells great and doesn’t leave my face shiny or oily like some other sunscreens. It’s currently sold out, but keep checking back—it’s worth the wait!

New York Target’s are notoriously terrible and devoid of anything that I want, but if you live somewhere with a blissfully suburban Target, drop everything and go get these adorable planters.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.42.58 PM.png

I bought a black iPhone recently for the sole reason that I wanted to get this starry see-though case from Sonix. I had a similar case on my last iPhone and I loved it so much, but this was a fun change.


I barely have enough plants to justify owning a dedicated watering can, but if I did it would definitely be this one (look at those googly eyes!).


Birthdays are for getting gifts that you definitely want but don’t need, and nothing fits that category more than Cornelius the plush corn dog (thanks Francesca!), who fits right in with my sausage links and Greek coffee cup.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.07.07 PM.png

This is the most comfortable, breathable shoe I’ve ever owned and the black sole and metallic details make it a bit less dorky-looking than a traditional athletic shoe.

John Brown Wax Museum

John Brown Wax Museum

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El Rancho