Project 365: Days 281-294

Project 365: Days 281-294


281/365: The second day of our road trip started off with the only disappointment of the whole trip—not being able to see this UniRoyal Gal in Rocky Mount, North Carolina (well, we could see her legs). She's behind a barbed wire-topped fence at a private men's club, but I think when the leaves drop she'll be more visible.

After that our luck was much better, and we ended the day arriving at heavenly roadside mecca South of the Border. I was taking a long exposure photo with my tripod in the middle of a driveway when I had to move to avoid getting hit by an oncoming car—this is the resulting photo and I think it's a pretty cool accident.


282/365: Despite what everyone told me about South of the Border (the good reviews, and the very bad) it managed to exceed all of my expectations. Before we left in the morning, we went up into the sombrero-shaped observation tower and surveyed my dream kingdom from above.


283/365: We had a gloomy, rainy road trip day but I'm so glad we didn't let the weather deter us from stopping at Dinosaur Land in Winchester, Virginia. It was easily one of my favorite stops of the whole trip and I left with a t-shirt, mug, brochure and two squished pennies.


284/365: I unpacked my souvenirs (I spent nearly $100 at the South of the Border gift shops oopsy). I don't smoke, but this ashtray is currently holding memory cards and squished pennies from our trip.


285/365: I went to Green-Wood Cemetery after work for a talk/book signing with Caitlin Doughty. I'm excited to read her new book, From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death, and frame the bonus poster I received for pre-ordering my book.


286/365: A few months later and Mozart is still obsessed with this toy.


287/365: David and I had two days off for Jewish holidays (our last of the season, sad!) and went backpacking/camping upstate in Harriman State Park. As we were walking to the trail head we came across this cute Sinclair Oil dinosaur just hanging out in someone's yard.


288/365: On our way home from Penn Station, I spotted this news stand that looks like it hasn't changed in decades.


289/365: There's no limit to my love of souvenir, novelty drinkware.


290/365: My mom and I took a tour of the Little Red Lighthouse for Open House NY weekend.


291/365: I broke down and bought an Instagram-trendy letterboard because I had a vision of an orange one just saying Boo! I'm going to paint the frame black, but it's already making me happy. 


292/365: This little diva had an entire open bed and decided to nap directly on top of my sweaters.


293/365: I went out to dinner with my friend Carli and we walked past a street of murals. This was part of one with an alligator and this "Snappy to Serve You" cup made me laugh.


294/365: After nearly a three-month ordeal that included two different stoves with two different gas leaks, I finally got a third stove and my landlord hooked it up. I'm no longer smelling gas and I have a working stove for the first time since I moved in to this apartment in August, so I'm ready to start making cramble!

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