Project 365: Days 267-273

Project 365: Days 267-273


267/365: We woke up after camping for the night in the Catskills and suddenly it was fall. 


268/365: I met a friend for brunch and did some frivolous shopping in my neighborhood. I love my city adventures, but sometimes it's nice to just hang out close to home. I didn't get a dog groomed, but if I had one I would definitely take it here based on the signage alone.


269/365: I took a tour of the New York State Pavilion from the 1964/65 World's Fair in Queens. I'd been inside once before, but this time I got to see a lot more—if only I could go back in time and see it in all of its Fair glory.


270/365: I passed this new-to-me ice cream truck on my walk home—I love the cones on the front, even if they are missing their ice cream.


271/365: I'm starting to catch the sunset on the end of my walk home each night. I love a good pink sky, but I'm not looking forward to it being dark when I get out work.


272/365: I had an Amazon credit and a gift card, so I ordered these very necessary plush sausage links. They're so cute I can almost not handle it and I also think I might need another set.


273/365: I noticed this cloud on my walk home—doesn't it look like a giant feather?

I've been having some Internet issues (ugh) and I have my second service appointment on Saturday morning, but my brand new stove is also being delivered that day, which is very exciting. On Sunday 92Y (my day job) is having its annual Street Fest and Francesca and I are the official photographers (at least we get overtime pay!). Kind of boring weekend plans, but we have next Thursday and Friday off work (Happy Sukkot!) and my mom and I are heading out on an epic road trip—to roadside attraction mecca South of the Border. She told me she wants to be surprised by our other stops, and I've packed so much into the four day trip that I'll be surprised if we can physically see them all. After a particularly humid few weeks, its finally starting to feel like fall is here to stay—have a great weekend!

Unisphere Fountains

Unisphere Fountains