Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Pattern by  Lindsey Frances  | Download it for free  here

Pattern by Lindsey Frances | Download it for free here

Things that happened recently:

I won't link to that garbage piece about how libraries should be replaced by Amazon, but obviously I (and my fellow millennials) think that's a terrible idea. In fact, I think we need more socialist-based programs in this country, not less.

It's been another awful (and sweltering) week in Trump's America, but there have been some bright spots.

Locally, the subway still sucks, it will soon cost even more to use and some Air India flights out of Newark are infested with bed bugs.

Things to do in New York this week:

There are several show times Friday-Sunday for See/Saw, an interactive evening of sleight of hand with illusionist Siegfried Tieber. I have magic on the brain since I finished this book recently and started this one, and I have plans later in August to see the magic exhibit at the New York Historical Society.

On Sunday there's a Central Park scavenger hunt hosted by the Museum of the City of New York and Untapped Cities, where participants race to match historic images of the Park to their present-day locations (I think I'd be very good at this).

Also on Sunday, my mom and I are going to take this New York Adventure Club tour of a Brooklyn apartment that has been called New York's greatest liveable cabinet of curiosities.

Things I've discovered recently:

I'm very comfortable in my decision not to have kids, but sometimes it's nice to hear that I'm not making a terrible mistake. Speaking of incredibly personal life choices, you do you.

This guy is very slowly animating Donald Glover's This is America dance using very old computer technology (floppy disks!).

I waited far too long to watch Hannah Gadsby's emotional Netflix special, Nanette, but I'm officially obsessed with her. Here's a good profile of herhere she is on Seth Meyers explaining why the special is called Nanette and these three Renaissance Woman videos are so great I'm sad she never made any more.

I think I've reached that point in every summer where I'm so over the heat and humidity and so ready for light jackets and fall delights. This is my 32nd summer on Earth and I still haven't figured out what to wear when there's 100% humidity (these are awesome although it's hard to find summery dresses that I don't hate). Before the tour on Sunday I think we'll grab brunch at Diner in Williamsburg—which surprisingly I've never been to. It may be insufferably "cool" but I can't pass up a chance to eat in a vintage Pullman dining car. I'm caught up on most of my TV watching (and impatiently waiting each week for a new episode of Sharp Objects), so I think I might finally tackle Friday Night Lights. I'm a huge Parenthood fan and I've heard good things even if I'm always years behind what's popular. Have a great weekend and stay cool wherever you are!

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