Project 365: Days 260-266

Project 365: Days 260-266


260/365: I went to Goodwill on my lunchbreak and resisted buying this entire tub of army men (but I did get two books I definitely don't need).


261/365: My former roommate (and current friend) Jess and I went to Wave Hill in the Bronx. It was a beautiful day to leisurely stroll the gardens and it felt like we were much farther from the city than we actually were.


262/365: I watched Gilmore Girls until nearly 3pm (so long I got the judgy "Are you still watching?" message from Netflix) but I finally got off my couch and took a walk on the High Line. Afterwards I walked to get a Slurpee through the West Village and spotted this sidewalk carving. I wonder where Andy and David are now and what their lives were like back in 1987 New York.


263/365: It's the most wonderful time of the year!


264/365: I ordered a case of Zapp's Voodoo chips because they're sort of hard to find and they're the best chips, hands down. Also, how cute is that Mustard hot dog plush that my friend Shannon got me for my birthday? He's a much better roommate than Mozart.


265/365: My mom got me these beakers on super sale at Michael's and I'm trying to grow some lil plant bebes (fingers crossed!).


266/365: Those ears!

Wave Hill

Wave Hill

Liebman's Delicatessen

Liebman's Delicatessen