Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Things that happened recently:

I still believe Christine Blasey Ford (despite yet another idiotic attempt by Trump to distract us). Oh, and if you’re a man and you’re worried that you’re going to be accused of sexual assault, here’s a good hack: don’t assault women. And women? No, this is not normal.

All men might still be trash, but at least there have been some small victories lately (and for fuck’s sake, VOTE).

No, this wasn’t me but yes, I wish it was.

Things to do in New York soon:

The Film Forum is currently showing a film about compulsive street photographer Garry Winogrand, and his photos are just so good.

The annual Medieval Festival is being held this Sunday at Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan.

I’m bummed that I’ll be away for most of the Merchant’s House Museum’s spirited October events. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year for their 1865 funeral reenactment.

Things I’ve discovered recently:

I recently finished this fascinating (true) account of Dr. Martin Couney, a man who saved an estimated 7,000 premature babies by exhibiting them in incubators at World’s Fairs and Coney Island. This puts me six books ahead in my reading challenge for the year, and I’m wondering whether I should increase it just a bit.

Creepy Co. just released their Beistle Halloween collection for the year and it’s so good (I might have to get this pillow).

Does anyone else watch This is Us? The season three premiere was on Tuesday and I’m already dying to know who “her” is!??

After talking about it pretty much my entire life, my uncle and I are headed to Egypt tomorrow for two weeks! We’ll be taking a pretty bougie tour, which includes almost every famous monument/temple/museum you can think of, including a cruise down the Nile. I’ve gotten flu, Hepatitis A and Typhoid shots, stocked up on memory cards and granola bars and I’m prepared to fully lean into the retired, luxury travel life. I’ve planned a few posts to publish while I’m gone because I’ve still somehow not finished blogging about all of my past adventures, but also prepare yourselves for the onslaught of Egyptian posts upon my return. I’m a bit sad to miss the first two weeks of my favorite month, but after what feels like years of insane humidity, I’m actually looking forward to the dry desert heat. My last international trip was less than ideal so wish us luck and have a great two weeks!

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